Saygus V²

everything about the amazing super smartphone

Since there hasn't been any official news during the last months, I'll just give you a short overview over the most recent observations. In case you have noticed any activities or news about Saygus, feel free to contact me!

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Welcome on my new blog about Saygus and their VSQUARED smartphone! In case you've been already regularly reading the old Saygus V² section of my website, welcome back and thanks for being here!

I'm not sure, how this will work out, but since this site is a dedicated blog now, I m...

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Even though it's April Fools' Day, the video posted by Talk Business 360 TV today seems legit. website.

Toggle magazine recently did a story about Chad Sayers and the Saygus VSQUARED. You can find it on their website as magazine and web article.

After two months of absence today Saygus' Twitter account came back to life.

Saygus has started a crowd funding campaign for the VSQUARED on IndieGoGo. This is the promotion video of their campaign.

Interview with Chad Sayers by Sascha Pallenberg from MobileGeeks at the Intel tech.lounge during CeBIT 2015 in Hannover.