Welcome on my new blog about Saygus and their VSQUARED smartphone! In case you've been already regularly reading the old Saygus V² section of my dev.erhard.cc website, welcome back and thanks for being here!

I'm not sure, how this will work out, but since this site is a dedicated blog now, I may also write some more personal comments on things and provide you with as much information as possible. I really hope you will enjoy this little blog! Please don't hesitate to contact me, in case you have any positive or negative feedback or just want to have that incredibly important question answered.

When I pre-ordered the Saygus V² back on Februrary 2nd 2015, I never ever thought, that I would be ever starting a blog on a dedicated Internet domain about Saygus. But obviously the future proved me wrong. As the V² wasn't very well known during the first pre-order phase, there was no real community existing yet, so I mostly used Twitter and the XDA thread about the device to communicate with my fellow pre-orderers (you guys!) and other enthusiasts. During that time in I was planning a trip to CeBIT, a large european IT show in Hannover (Germany), and was overwhelmed when I noticed that Saygus will be having a booth at the show. Due to my prior activity on XDA and all the people that wouldn't be able to come to the show, I started to collect some questions about the device and the company behind it. Packed with several community questions and lots of curiosity I travelled to Hannover. When I got onto the exhibition site, I instantly headed to the Saygus booth to see the phone I had already pre-ordered a month ago in real life. After I arrived at the booth and got my hands on the prototypes, I introduced myself to the Saygus guys and their reaction was like 'You are Andreas?! Are you the guy who is always hanging around on Twitter?'. Right afterwards I got the chance to ask all your questions to one of Saygus' founders and that's how my little blogging thingy begun.

Since that was only the beginning of the story, there are still a lot more episodes to tell. But I don't want to bore you with such story tellings and many of you are already following the Saygus pre-order Odyssey as long as I do, so they already know most of it. Welcome guys! Here's pre-order #1590, a Charcoal colored Saygus V². However, I'm quite sure that sooner or later also some visitors will show up, that are consequently claiming, Saygus will be never releasing any phone. Welcome guys! Just for clarification: I do not want to downplay the everlasting delays nor whitewash the behavior of Saygus. But I do support their idea of a feature-rich smartphone and want to to collect all important information about the device in a single place. Whatever group you belong to, thanks for being here! Maybe we can have a beer sometime!

As usual: I'll keep you posted.

So long and thanks for all the fish


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